A burglar in Lubbock got the surprise of a lifetime early Thursday morning when a person he was trying to burglarize fought back.

Lubbock police arrested 29-year-old Randall Patrick Watson for Burglary of a Residence and Possession of Marijuana after he was knocked out by the man he was attempting to burglarize.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m. Thursday morning (April 21) at a residence in the 3500 block of 92nd Street.

According to the Lubbock Police Department, a homeowner contacted officers after being awoken by their dogs barking. When the victim went to investigate, they noticed that the garage door was open and several items had been moved out of it.

construction level
Not the actual construction level used (Photo: Thinkstock)

One of the victims confronted the burglar with a six-foot construction level and tried to keep him there until police could arrive. When the burglar refused to listen and moved forward, the victim swung the level and hit him in the face.

Soon after, Lubbock police officers arrived and took Watson into custody.

Watson was transported to UMC for treatment. After being released, he was transported to the Lubbock County Detention Facility and booked in.

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