Lubbock realtor Jennifer McCormick with Amy Tapp Realty posted a hilarious video from a recent house showing.

Apparently, all sorts of crazy things happen when showing homes in Lubbock, and that's perfectly shown through this video of a goat attacking McCormick and a family while showing them a house.

We reached out to McCormick about the incident, and she provided some insight into what happened.

McCormick said that she was walking with the husband ahead of the wife and kids when they noticed more yard space behind the pool area. They went to open the door to the yard when the goat first came charging at them and hits the door.

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The wife and kids heard what happened and wanted to see the goat for themselves, so they caught up with them at the door. The wife had been filming during the whole tour in order to show the house to her father-in-law, so that's how the Facebook video manages to take place.

The video shows the goat standing in the backyard as it's being filmed through the window of the door. The goat is simply standing there, staring right back at the camera before making its move.

It quickly makes its way over to the door, rears up and kicks its front legs into the door. This causes the door to pop open towards the wife and swing at her, causing her to drop the phone in shock. You hear some screams of surprise as the phone tumbles to the floor and is left filming the ceiling above as they scramble to get the door shut and keep the goat out of the house.

Fortunately, everyone is okay and was able to get a good laugh from the situation. I can only imagine how shocking it was to have a goat come breaking through the door like that.

I feel like this is one of those moments where you're so glad you had your camera out and can share a video with everyone. I’m sure being attacked by a goat was the last thing they thought would happen that day, but here we are, getting a good chuckle from it.

McCormick told us that this isn't even one of the craziest things to happen to her during a showing. She's come across a variety of things, like a rattlesnake in a barn and a tenet who forgot that there would be a showing that day getting out of the shower.

Apparently being a realtor is a much more adventurous job than I initially thought. "You never know what you are going to find when showing a home," McCormick said.

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