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Lubbock has been ranked 7th in the nation for working families according to a recent research report from Zippia. It's good to know that we have a lot of factors working in our favor supporting us for family-work-life success.

Most of us strive to find a work-life balance, as we all know, this can be a challenge. While it's important for everyone, this research is focused on families with children. There are so many factors to consider but they've included criteria that give us, here in Lubbock, a bit of perspective on how some of the essentials of family life here are setting us up for success especially when compared to other cities.

This research surveyed and took into account about 100 cities and some of the results were really surprising. The average cost of a home in some cities comparable to Lubbock is more than double our home cost here. Another important criterion for this survey, the cost of childcare, while it may seem high here, is much higher elsewhere!

In fact the low cost of childcare together with our affordable homes really puts us on the top of the desirable list in this research. Another key factor they discuss, as an important consideration when weighing in on this subject, is the average number of workweek hours.

Here in Lubbock, our average workweek is 38 hours (I think our commute time helps us out here too)! Here's what they reported for Lubbock:

Average Home Cost: $146,300
Average Workweek: 38
Percent of Monthly Costs for Daycare: 16%

Number one on this survey was Athens, Ohio with only a 32-hour workweek and an average home cost of $118, 400!

Surprisingly only a couple of cities on this survey reported a workweek over 40 hours and most were under 40 hours! You can follow this link for all the details of the survey.

So if you're striving for work-life balance with your family it's great to know that compared to other cities around the country we have a lot working in our favor and success is more easily attainable right here in Lubbock!

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