I had the chance to work with Lew Dee from 1989-1991 at 98 KOOL. I was a teenager who thought he knew everything. And well Lew showed me that I knew nothing and that I needed to learn. Learn from the best in Lubbock.

Now the late Lewis T. D'Elia, better known as Lew Dee is being inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

Lew had been involved with Lubbock ever since his time in the Air Force in the 50's at Reese. Once finished with the Air Force he went back to New York, but there must have been something special that brought him back to Lubbock. It was radio.

Lew spent many years working for the McAlister family at KSEL AM/FM/TV before going out on his own and starting KEND 1590 with KFYO Commentator Paul R. Beane.

He also had stints with County KKIK 93.7, the former KSEL FM as well as many years with Kool 98. He would spend the last years of his career with cross-town rival Ramar Communications.

Lew passed away in October of 2011 after a battle with cancer.

I for one, am glad to see that Lew's accomplishments are being recognized. And Lew, if you are out there reading this from up above, thanks for turning a smart-mouth teenager into a true professional broadcaster.

And if you had forgotten about Lew's TV program on KSEL (now KAMC) Channel 28, Lew Dee's Saturday Night Theater, well here is a recap. (Go to 18:40 if it doesn't start at that point.)

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame 2018 Induction Ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018, in Kilgore. For more information, you can visit the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

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