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If the Lubbock Police Department intended to bring laughter and joy to my life for an entire two days, their mission was a complete success.

In case you somehow missed the original story, I'll paraphrase it here.

A Lubbock man woke up to find that someone had taped a bag of a sip of milk to his door. He was understandably deeply confused. Upon reviewing his Ring camera, he saw footage of a Lubbock police officer taping said bag of a sip of milk to his door. This led to more confusion, and hilarity ensued.

The incident went viral, of course, and the Lubbock Police Department issued a statement on Facebook to clear things up:

Hey, folks, we wanted to take a minute and clear the air! We’ve gotten a few questions from our local media partners today, which we’ve answered, BUT, we wanted to come to our social media page and clear things up, right here, because of the amount of attention it’s gotten.

One of our officers was called to the 5200 block of Bangor Avenue yesterday at 7:37 p.m. for a check subject call. The officer spoke with the caller who told him someone specific left the bag with an “opaque white liquid that appeared to be milk” on their door and they wanted the officer to return it to what they believed was the correct apartment. So, our officer did just that.

Although the officer thought he was doing a good deed, based off the video footage captured, we recognize this was not the best course of action.

We apologize for any confusion the video may have caused without knowing the full story!

Now, things are about as clear as...milk.

Who wanted their bag of a sip of milk back? As someone who's had food service training, it can't be safe to drink. Was someone emotionally or psychologically attached to said bag of a sip of milk?

Well, to be fair, at this point I'm personally invested in the bag of a sip of milk.

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