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A Lubbock man said that after he gave a ride to a stranger, he was forced to take off his clothes before having his car stolen.

Lubbock police officers initially responded to a robbery call at around 1:39 a.m. in the 900 block of 66th Street.

The victim told police that he was at a gas station when the suspect, whose identity remains unknown, knocked on the window of his vehicle, said he didn't have his cellphone on him, and needed a ride. The victim agreed and ended up driving the suspect to 37th Street and Ironton Avenue.

After they arrived at the location, KAMC News reports that the suspect displayed what seemed like a pistol before demanding the victim take his clothes off. The victim wasn't able to confirm whether or not it actually was a weapon, claiming it was too dark to make out.

The victim complied, and after being told to get out of the vehicle, the suspect drove away with the victim's clothes.

This all happened on Sunday, October 17th. So far, no updates have been given on this case.

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