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A student at Texas Tech University recently posted a video showing her confronting a man for harassing her in a Lubbock Walmart.

This video was taken after the woman saw that this man was taking photos of her body without her consent. The video shows a man cursing at the young woman and saying, "don't dress like a w----" as his excuse for him taking photos of her. This aggressive reaction is all because she caught him red-handed and asked him to leave her alone.

Warning: NSFW Language

The woman tries to walk away and check out so she can leave, but the man continues to hover and stare. Unfortunately, the video ends before we can tell if she got him to finally leave, but the caption explains a bit of the aftermath. Apparently, an onlooker stopped to check on her and make sure she was okay before she left the store.

It brings some light into the situation to know that there was a good man around that wanted to help and make sure she was okay. However, it doesn't change how horrible this situation was.

It is absolutely disgusting to see something like this, and you would hope that people would have better manners. It doesn't matter what she is wearing, you do not take photos of someone like that.

Women should not be afraid of being harassed when simply trying to run errands. Scratch that, women shouldn't have to worry about being harassed ever. We should be able to live our daily lives without worrying about something like this happening to us.

As mentioned in the caption of the video, she just moved to Lubbock for school, and the last thing she should have to be concerned about is some creep at the grocery store. It also doesn't spread a good message about Lubbock whatsoever.

The Lubbock I know is a friendly, welcoming city. The way this man is behaving is not the Lubbock that I am proud to call home.

Ladies, please be careful out there and watch out for creeps like this that will try to take advantage of you. It is not your fault that you are treated like that. There are some changes that need to be made to or society, and this video is the perfect example of why.

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