OK, so Lubbock doesn't have the greatest reputation at times. We've made national news for a lot of reasons -- most of them bad. But this time, it's actually for something good!

According to a blog on CNBC's website about a blog from another website called Growella (which led me to write this blog for our website), Lubbock is actually in the top 25 cities for millennials to move to. Not only that, but we're no. 18 out of the 25 listed. We're right behind St. Louis actually.

Some of the other top 25 cities include Pittsburgh, Nashville, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, and more.

This is how they "scored" the cities for millennials:

  1. How many entry-level jobs are available in the city? (7.5 percent of score)

  2. How much time is spent commuting in the city? (7.5 percent of score)

  3. What's the public transportation situation like in the city? (10 percent of score)

  4. How many other young people live there? (15 percent of score)

  5. What's the after-work and weekend scene like in the city? (10 percent of score)

  6. How far does a paycheck get you in the city? (50 percent of score)

Hey, a win is a win, right? More people means a better, more progressive city! So bring the millennials on! Most of them need jobs, and they're going cheap too, I hear.

If you want to see a few of the MANY times Lubbock has been cited nationally for something not so positive, you can see the blog I wrote a few weeks ago here. 


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