I’ve always thought this was a fun annual event that goes on in Lubbock each year. I love seeing all of the different and creative lemonade stands around town on Lemonade Day being manned by the kids of our community!

This year’s Lemonade Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th, so there’s still time to get your kiddos involved.

Some of the things they’ll learn through Lemonade Day are:

  • How to set goals
  • Finding an investor
  • Making a plan and budget
  • Selecting a location
  • Providing great customer service
  • Making a profit

After paying their investors back, the kids are taught how to spend some, save some, and share some. It’s like business school for kids. How cool!

For more information on how to get involved or to pick a location, go to Lubbock’s Lemonade Day website.

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