A Lubbock Grand Jury has refused to indict two people allegedly involved in a shootout that took place in the 9000 block of Avenue P on August 21st, 2018.

Seventy-year-old James Renfro and his wife, 75-year-old Sonja Renfro, were both arrested for deadly conduct on August 22, the day after they got into an altercation with their neighbor, 46-year-old Ray Delano.

The incident began when Sonja Renfro confronted Delano outside his home and both fired shots at each other. James Renfro then came outside and also fired shots. Delano was shot once, taken to a hospital, and later released.

Yesterday, a grand jury refused to indict the couple due to insufficient evidence. Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens is calling the decision disappointing and says the arrests were made ". . . based on conclusive facts and evidence, including video evidence."

LPD released surveillance footage of the incident that can be seen near the end of this video:

Here's the full statement from The Renfros about the arrest:

We are not surprised by the decision of the Lubbock County Grand Jury today. The last several weeks have been very difficult for both of us. We are extremely disappointed and frustrated with the actions and missteps of Lubbock Police Department Detective Brandon Price during this process. Detective Price failed to properly investigate this case and his lack of investigation, along with his rush to judgment, led to our wrongful arrests and our integrity being questioned. Furthermore, this mistake has taken and continues to take an enormous physical and emotional toll for both of us which will take considerable time to overcome.

As homeowners and business owners in Lubbock County for over 40 years we will continue to work and live within this community and we want to acknowledge all the love, support and many prayers we received from our friends, neighbors, and clients during this time.

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