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With the storms Lubbock’s had over the past few weeks, many new ‘ponds’ have formed across the city. Whether it’s a flooded field or a designated drainage area, these bodies of water will slowly evaporate over the summer until the next storm rolls in and refills them.

There happens to be one of these make-shift ponds right next to an apartment complex in Lubbock where many college students live. It isn’t necessarily a student living complex, but due to its proximity to Texas Tech, many students chose to live there. This means that all of the non-student residents have to deal with the college student’s shenanigans.

Some of the classic college shenanigans include blaring music, bringing glass into the pool, driving like idiots, and more. While this complex is fortunate enough to not regularly see most of those things, there are some other interesting things you can catch these students doing. The most recent example being their attempt to fish in a ditch full of rainwater.

A friend of mine saw the students standing over by the body of water and was curious about what was going on. After further inspection, they realized that the couple had a fishing rod that they were casting into the ditch. After watching the students for a moment, they took a picture and sent it my way.

After hearing what my friend saw, I would like to give the benefit of the doubt and say they were just testing out their new rod before the fishing trip they might be going on. However, I wouldn’t put it past some of the college kids I've met in Lubbock to actually think there would be fish in that ditch.

Either way, this is a great example of why you should keep your eyes and ears open because you never know what shenanigans you might come across in the Hub City.

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