Lubbock is a major college city due to Texas Tech but it is also home to Lubbock Christian University where they celebrate homecoming in the Spring semester. Lubbock Christian University is where many students have come to study from far and wide and homecoming encourages them to come back to reconnect with professors and their fellow alumni.

There are different events for everyone and anyone who attended the University to sign up for. As an alumni myself I am partial to social clubs, specifically a black and gold club, which are the equivalent to Greek life on campus since the school has no sororities or fraternities (except for Sub-T 16). If you are still with me then great, if you got lost well be prepared to be amazed.

Every homecoming the members of these social clubs have a few weeks to learn choreography and songs to their Master Follies shows. What is that? Master Follies is like a play on steroids mixed with one of those sorority rush girls videos and then in the middle is a slice of the NFL championship halftime show. Oh, and it has to be within a time limit of six minutes.

This video is giving Zeta Gamma vibes but many of these shows have always been choreographed by the students along with making parodies of popular songs to fit the story. Which is impressive while attending school. Once you have been in a show you will for sure be hit with flashbacks even years later when the original version of that song comes on the radio (trust me I can't help myself when I hear Cher's song Believe).

There is a whole judging portion with different trophies and as an outsider looking in you might all think what is going on but this tradition has been going on since the founding of the school in 1957. Other Christian Universities have similar things called Sing Song and it's very much a bonding experience. Did I get into a fight with my club brother Daniel about making faces and did we make up days later while applying makeup to someone before the show? Yes, and it was an experience.

There is a whole culture and terminology that comes with homecoming weekend at Lubbock Christian University that just unites the different generations. Follies tickets are sold out minutes after they go on sale in January with homecoming in February but the video below shows a peek into the time honored tradition. You might also see yours truly in green paint somewhere in the video.

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