Les Miles' termination as LSU's head football coach surprised a lot of people. But Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury had a nonchalant, if practical reaction.

Monday at the school's weekly press conference, Kingsbury was asked what he thought about LSU axing Miles following the team's tough loss to Auburn Saturday. The loss dropped the team to 2-2 and effectively killed the Tigers' shot at a Championship this season.

Kingsbury said Miles' firing was just "part of the profession" of coaching football.

"I've always liked Coach Miles, I think he's a phenomenal coach, I'm sure he'll land on his feet very soon. I thought he did a great job there," said Kingsbury, adding: "You know what you're getting yourself into. No one is going to feel sorry for someone making $5 million a year. It's part of the profession."

Fair point. When you make that kind of money, people expect championships rings. And if you can't consistently deliver them, they'll find someone who can.

As for Miles' hefty paycheck, Kingsbury is slightly off. Miles reportedly makes $4.3 million each year. According to The Advocate, LSU could end up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.9 million as part of a contract buyout.

Kingsbury didn't seem particularly concerned with Miles' future - regardless of it including college football.

"You do the best you can, you put everything you have into it each and every day, you treat the players the right way, treat the coaches the right way," Kingsbury said. "If it works, it works. If it doesn't, then you walk away -- in his case, with a lot of money and a smile on his face."


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