Listen to the full interview with Eleah Lehnen below.

By now you have probably heard that companies around the United States are beginning to enforce vaccine mandates on employees. Much of this is due to President Biden's directive that OSHA develop a rule for businesses with more than 100 employees, that they must require employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide a medical or religious exemptions. Companies would also be allowed to test employees for COVID.

Last week, those mandates made huge news in Lubbock as KCBD-TV, owned by GrayTV, fired six employees who refused to get vaccinated. Those fired from their jobs included KCBD's Vice President and General Manager, the General Sales Manager, and News Director.

Eleah Lehnen was an account executive with KCBD-TV until she too was fired because of the vaccine mandate. Her firing occurred one day after Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an Executive Order banning businesses in Texas from enforcing vaccine mandates on employees.

Lehnen was on last Thursday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show and discussed her side of the story of what went down at KCBD. Lehnen told Hasty that for her, it wasn't a battle over the vaccinated, but instead over freedom. During the interview, Lehnen said that lawyers from GrayTV asked employees to sign documents that would release the employee's full medical records to GrayTV. According to Lehnen, the request to release full medical records to GrayTV was not explained and no reason was given. Lehnen told Hasty that she was told by her doctor that because she had COVID-19 and had antibodies, she did not have to get the COVID vaccine. Lehnen told Hasty that she was told no exemptions were being taken.

Listen to the full interview with Eleah Lehnen above.

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