Hear me out

There are hundreds of pets up for adoption in local Lubbock animal shelters, many of which are kitties. Most people who head over to adopt a pet are looking for a kitten, not a full-grown or elderly cat. I propose that some business-savvy person out there with a lot more money than me, open a friggin' cat cafe and give those little cuddly love muffins a chance to thrive in a swanky coffee shop instead of continuing their sad lives stuck in a cage in a shelter until they die.

Stay with me...

If you've never been to a cat cafe and you're a big fan of kitties and coffee, then you have been missing out on the greatest day of your life. Tons of adorable kee kees are just wandering around the building, enjoying scratches and treats from strangers, lounging in the sunshine coming through the window and living their best life, sprawled across the furniture while you enjoy a latte and a book.

Sounds like heaven, right?

I know that Lubbock has tons of animal lovers that would enjoy spending their Saturday afternoon surrounded by more cats than they already have at home. Plus, coffee is BAE!

Is anyone out there interested in combining the two best activities in the world and making Lubbock a better place at the same time? You'd have cat-loving employees lined up to work there, and you'd clear up so much space in our shelters.

Save the kitties! Open a cat cafe! And hire me part-time. I'm here for it.


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