A lawsuit has been filed by a Lubbock urologist against Covenant Hospital. According to KAMC News, Dr. Howard Beck alleges that the St. Joseph Health System, Covenant Health System, Covenant Medical Center and Covenant Medical Group committed fraud by submitting claims in excess amounts.

The lawsuit says the defendants collected the money for the purpose of perpetuating a kickback scheme that violates the law by ensuring that select Covenant Medical Group doctors received compensation in excess of the national norm for their specialties.

Allegedly, this suit has been on file for several years but was only partially unsealed on Tuesday, Sept. 24th. Dr. Beck seeks to recover billions of dollars of improper Medicare and Medicaid claims paid by the government.

Covenant Health has since released a statement regarding the lawsuit and claims they have yet to review all the allegations against them but also say they “follow rigorous standards for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement claims," and won't be commenting further on the pending lawsuit.

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