First of all, before we get to the goofball stuck in the mud, if you haven't been keeping up with the building and shaping of the Red Feather Golf Course, you're missing out.

This is something brand new to me unless you count course building on golf video games where I can make ridiculous holes like a 600-foot Par 3. I doubt Red Feather has anything that ridiculous. This course was built by professionals. You can see the layout at or try and visualize the future product with the flyovers they post on social media.

This thing is going to be unreal.

The golf course has been in the process of building and shaping for quite a while now, with the crew recently moving on to the process of putting in top soil and grass seeds.

Here's another gratuitous flyover because I love them:

The golf course is being billed as playable and open in summer 2023. The Red Feather Golf Course was designed by King-Collins, and the club will feature a resort-style pool, private cabanas, spa and pickleball courts, according to the Red Feather website. Can't forget the "World Class Food and Beverage" either.

That brings us to the joyrider mentioned in the headline. Red Feather Golf Course President and PGA golfer JJ Killeen, who's often billed as the West Texas Driving Range Pro, posted the 4-part series on his incredible Twitter feed:

The best photo is the perfectly placed Lubbock Police Department unit in the final photo. This isn't an invitation to off-road on the golf course; it's a warning to the idiots who try.

I can't imagine the damage done to a golf course that's trying to seed and grow grass for the first time being ravaged by a Volkswagen. The gall that takes. The good news, if that's what you call it, was that the tractor was still on hand from building the course to pull the Volkswagen out of the mud.

As of the posting of the video, there was no owner to be found with the vehicle, which had been abandoned on the course. So if you're missing a silver Volkswagen, it's at the LPD impound lot, I'm assuming. You might have a couple of tickets waiting for you, too.

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