Does a ranch with 2 clearwater swimming holes, a 4,000-square-foot lodge and private access to an airport sound good? How about a winery and a mountain?

A huge, beautiful ranch in northern Texas is on the market and it's loaded with cool stuff. You only have a certain amount of time to make an offer though so, keep reading to learn more and get the link to make an offer with.

The Sugaree Ranch is about an hour and a half from Big D, (that's Dallas for non-Texans), and it's a pretty incredible spread.

According to WFAA, Icon Clobal sent out a "call for offers" and you must submit yours by June 3, 2024. Icon CEO Bernard Uechtritz said:

  • The property spans 1,300 acres in Henderson County and includes private lakes and private easement access to the Athens Municipal Airport.
  • The property, which has 70,000 planted pine trees around the perimeter, has two clearwater fishing/swimming holes, as well as a lake in which the lodge sits on.

It has listed for $15.5 million in the past so, there's an idea of what they may be asking today. Learn more here.

What Other Ranches Are For Sale In Texas?

If you'd rather ranch a little closer to home ... and/or prefer the wine business ... there's a ranch and winery for sale just a couple of hours drive from El Paso. It comes with its own mountain too.

Located near Fort Davis, about 3 hours from El Paso, the Blue Mountain ranch is 1,000 acres and about half the amount suggested for the Sugaree Ranch. The Blue Mountain Ranch is $7.75 million and is also an Icon Global property.

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