There are plenty of sports for one to enjoy in the state of Texas.

With so ground covered by the state, there's bound to be a team one can support. From football to soccer, to baseball, to basketball. There's a team for anyone in the Lone Star State.

It's always fun to go out to a game as well. There's nothing like a going to baseball game when the weather is picture perfect in Texas. But, there's always going to be that one person that parties a little too hard at the game isn't there?

Everyone is allowed to partake in an adult beverage of course, but the potential for something going wrong increases when somebody has a little too much to drink. This has happened before in the Lone Star State of course.

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In 2014, One Fan Tries To Attack Baseball Pitcher In Texas

One fan named Nikolas Swope, according to Yahoo, decided to charge the pitcher's mound after a batter was hit by a pitch at a baseball game. The video of the moment has been posted to social media and various video sharing sites:

First things first, where in the world was security when this happened? Second, why did Swope think this was a good idea? This could only end badly if he wasn't escorted off the field quicker.

Swope of course was charged for his actions, criminal trespassing and threatening assault being the charges. So what's the lesson we learned today? Drink responsibly in Texas!

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