I'm sure you've heard of some shenanigans happening over at College Station involving their baseball coaching staff. Hopefully, I can clear some things up for you as you get bombarded with news from this way and that.

The crux of the drama involves the Texas A&M baseball head coach, Jim Schlossnagle.

Schlossnagle has an entire laundry list of achievements within in his 21 years of coaching. He was head coach at TCU beginning in '04 through '21, then he moved to Texas A&M in 2022 for three seasons before... leaving again. Let me explain.

Jim Schlossnagle was militant in his standing with College Station and the Aggies, going so far as to berate a reporter for mentioning the possibility of leaving A&M for UT. Jomboy Media added this clip from a recent conference:

This sounds great and everything, right? A coach fighting for his team and exuding the pride of the school that every faculty member and alum strive for? Well, within a day, Schlossnagle DID leave Texas A&M for UT and DID "take another job again".

Therein lies the contention that arose within the Texas A&M family and fanbase.

There are some who, obviously, take umbrage with this decision and see it as treason. Others are more on Schlossnagle's side, saying that he is simply working his way up the hierarchy of college sports.

WFAA Reporter Mike Leslie stated that there is nothing wrong with seeking career advancement. Leslie noted that however, "the way he handled his press conference on Monday night, he deserves the criticism he's gotten for it".


So, what do you think? Is Jim Schlossnagle in the wrong here with this decision or is he just simply pursuing his career ambitions?

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