The Texas Panhandle saw severe storms break out on Sunday and two tornados were seen in the panhandle Sunday evening.

According to ABC 7 in Amarillo, two tornados formed in the panhandle on Sunday, one of them went viral on X, formally known as Twitter, after storm chasers were able to capture the tornado early on and film the tornado as it spun across panhandle.

Close to 8:00 pm on Sunday, the tornado near Silverton formed. According to ABC 7, the tornado was about 10 miles north of Silverton and stayed on the ground for 30 minutes.

Blake Brown with Texas Storm Chasers posted this video on YouTube of the tornado and the eventual "rope-out".

Other storm chasers took to X to post their own videos and pictures.

According to multiple reports, the tornado did not hit any populated areas and stayed in the country-side which is good because many storm chasers posted about how strong the tornado was. No injuries were reported as of the posting of this article.

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