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It's been a mild winter so far in Texas and while things could, and probably will change temperature wise, there are still Texans dealing with weeds in their yards. And one "wildflower looking" plant that is spreading in Texas is not only invasive, it could kill you.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a homeowner in Lancaster (suburb of Dallas) recently took to Facebook to warn neighbors, and really all of us, about a weed that nearly killed her after she was going through her yard pulling weeds.

Kenzie Kizer posted on Facebook that after pulling the white flowered weeds, her "arms felt as if they were on fire". She took a shower to wash off what she thought were splinters, but less than an hour later things got worse.

Less than an hour later my tounge started swelling, my skin was burning, my speech was slurred, I was dizzy, confused and very shaky. It started to feel as though my chest was tightening and I was struggling to breathe. I went to the ER where it was confirmed I had been poisoned by Poisonous Hemlock.

Poison Hemlock may look like a delicate little plant, but it can be very deadly for humans and pets. According to the Houston Chronicle, the stems and leaves of Poison Hemlock are the most toxic of the plant. If ingested, animals can die in just two to three hours.

Humans who have ingested about six to eight fresh leaves can die in just two hours. However, poisoning can also result from inhaling its fumes or through skin contact.

Poison Hemlock can grow 3-9 feet tall according to researchers. The plant has mainly been found in north Texas and grows in "weedy areas". It's always good to know what plants are dangerous, even if they haven't been spotted in our backyard yet.

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