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Artificial Intelligence seems to be taking over or assisting in everything these days. And in some ways it's fun to use AI to see what it predicts things will look like in the future. We've all probably seen images of what AI thinks cities will look like in 25-100 years and for the most part, they have lots of green space and flying cars.

But what about football stadiums? Here in Texas, football is king and even the high school stadiums are big. So what will college football stadiums look like in 25 years? The X (formally Twitter) account Texas Football Life asked AI to generate some images. And some are truly amazing. While others are downright scary.

First, they asked AI to predict what SMU's Ford Stadium would look like. The answer? It will be huge and for some reason be surrounded by water.

Then they asked for AI to come up with images for Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, and UNT.

TCU has actual gigantic frogs in the stadium, which is a nice touch. Meanwhile Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium has grown in size and has huge spikes all around it. It's a menacing look for sure. UNT looks like an amazing space ship and then there is Baylor. The stadium looks great, but according to AI it will be attacked by some type of monster and turns the fans into zombies. Good luck with that Baylor.

I think AI has some work to do before we can really count on it to predict the future. Except for Texas Tech's stadium. That one could happen.

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