The Lubbock Lights are a topic that that will send shivers down any Hub City natives back but one local brewery is celebrating that incident with an out of this world party. One of Lubbock's top local breweries, Two Docs Brewing Company, is hosting their "Lubbock Lights Alien Party" to commemorate the Lubbock Lights incident.

What is the Incident?

Back in August of 1951 is when four Texas Tech professors were having a get together and witnessed the lights. These were not just any lights but were moving in the sky without making any noise like a plane normally would. There are some people that believe it was just something in nature but a Texas Tech student at the time was able to photograph those lights in the sky and they could be seen in a perfectly symmetrical V formation, like geese when migrating.

Lions and Tigers and...Beers? Oh My!

Two Docs Brewing Company will be throwing the Lubbock Lights Alien Party in honor of that night back in 1951 but there is another reason. This party will also be showcasing Two Docs flagship, and very tasty, beer known as Lubbock Light. The Lubbock Light beer is a blonde ale and is very light, even though it might taste like beer, only has a 4.8% ABV (alcohol by volume). Two Docs will have all their signature drinks to choose from at this event, including their amazingly delicious root beer, it's actually just root beer.

Lubbock Light Two Docs Brewing Company,
Lubbock Light Two Docs Brewing Company,

We Party!

This event will not just have Two Docs classic beers but will also be serving their pints of beer with a hint of green food dye for that E.T. feel. There will of course be glow sticks along with some live music from two local Lubbock bands and a DJ. There will not be any abductions or weird experiments but there will be plenty of alien decorations as well to kick off this event. This event will start at 9 p.m. and go on until midnight at Two Docs Brewing Company on Saturday, August 19. Two Docs does a partnered event with Neon Horizon as they host the Sunset City Art Festival which will feature local artists, live music and of course food trucks for some amazing brunch from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. just near the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market.

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