Summer is here and that means more and more people are enjoying the outdoors here in Lubbock and for many that means a trip to one of many parks that we have in Lubbock.

Just two weekends ago we went out to Mackenzie Park during the evening and it was packed with families playing outside, fishing, and just enjoying the area. And while the City of Lubbock wants a lot of people to enjoy the many parks we have, including the Canyon Lake System, they also have some rules. Many if not most of the rules are pretty common sense, but then there are some others that may surprise you.

Chad Hasty,
Chad Hasty,

By the way, one of those common sense rules, and we saw a few people breaking this rule a couple of weekend ago, no driving on the grass. Again, it makes sense. There is no need to destroy the grass and after all the rain we have had, driving a truck on the grass is a bad idea.

Back to the rules that may surprise you. Did you know that picking flowers is banned in Lubbock parks? You also can't take a bath or swim in any of the ponds or lakes in the city. It doesn't matter now, but when it does get cold again and if a pond or playa lake does freeze over, you can't skate on them.

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Also, no donkey rides in Lubbock parks. I'm not sure why this is a rule, but it is, along with these other activities.

  • No donkey or horse riding. Unless you have special permission, you are not allowed to ride, lead, or drive any equines over or through a park.
  • No picking flowers. Spending a day at the park and collecting flowers? Yeah, that's banned. The City of Lubbock demands that you leave all flowers in the ground.
  • No metal detectors. Wanting to find something cool or maybe expensive in the ground? Sorry. That activity is also banned. Which does make sense because you aren't allowed to dig in a park or take away any artifacts.
  • You also can't launch a rocket or fly a model airplane in a Lubbock park.
  • Glass containers. Those are banned too.
  • Fishing... with anything other than a pole or line. Don't worry though, fishing is fine though is designated areas.
  • Camping. Camping isn't allowed unless a place is designated for camping.
  • Sanctioned Sporting Events. While throwing the football around is fine, two teams playing a real game? That's not allowed.

For a full list of rules and regulations at Lubbock Parks, visit the city website.

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