Diabetes affects many people across the United States but in just Lubbock County 33,000 people alone are living with the disease according to the American Diabetes Association. Covenant Health has to decided to help bring education to those that may be prediabetic or already living with the disease so that they may gain a better understanding.

The Community Diabetes and Prediabetes Program is a free program from Covenant Health that is helping people learn more about diabetes and what changes they should be making in their lives. You can successfully live with diabetes and enjoy a normal life by learning how to control your blood sugar and how food affects your body. This program is also trying to help people avoid any long-term complications that diabetes could present such as kidney disease, heart disease or congenital heart failure, and nerve damage, for example.

This free program is for everyone of all ages and for those that may or may not have diabetes with 12 months of support. Those 12 months of free resources do include how to cook foods that are diabetic friendly, exercising, and support groups for a place to speak with people and learn of how they are living with diabetes.

Anyone interested in enrolling in this program for free for 12 months is urged to contact the Covenant Health Community Diabetes and Prediabetes Program by calling 806-778-8652 or emailing covenanthealthequity@providence.org. With such high numbers of those with diabetes, and prediabetes, in Lubbock it's better to know how this disease could affect you or potentially family members.

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