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If you have ever gone to a football game as an opposing fan of the home team, you know that you could be in for a crazy experience. From home fans taunting you to booing to even attempting to fight you, fans of the visiting team can often feel way outnumbered and as if they aren't really welcome at the game.

Of course most of the taunting and booing is done in fun and can even be a result of alcohol consumption. Most fans take the taunting and booing and eyerolling in good spirits. Chalk it up to being part of the game day experience.

But at BYU, some Texas Tech fans we welcomed in a baffling, even creamy way.

Free ice cream.

A Texas Tech fan took to X, formally Twitter, on Saturday to show off the ice cream she had been given by the BYU Alumni. According to @HollyErin_ttu, the Tech visiting section free ice cream.

And this isn't a new thing from BYU. In 2022, BYU Alumni posted on Facebook that BYU Alumni give out free ice cream to fans of the visiting team at the football stadium. The ice cream comes from the famous BYU Creamery that is located on campus.

According to Outkick, Baylor and Arkansas fans were treated to ice cream and "cougar tails" last season.

I think it's a great idea that leaves visitors to the stadium, city and state with a great impression of where they have been. Maybe Texas Tech could start handing out tortillas one day?

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