As we all head out soon to travel for the holidays and spend time with our loved ones, packing and getting ready can be stressful.

These are some helpful tips to remember if you will be flying anywhere:


  • Pack wisely – make sure there are no prohibited items in your carry-on luggage and no valuable items or medications in your checked bags.
  • If flying with bags used for hunting or hobbies, make sure no unintended prohibited items remain.
  • Visit or download the TSA app for information on permitted and prohibited items, 3-1-1 for carry-ons, traveling with food or gifts, and more.

Before You Leave for the Airport

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at least 90 minutes before the flight.
  • Confirm the status of your flight with your airline before coming to the airport.
  • Print your boarding pass or select an electronic boarding pass in advance.
  • Bring a government-issued photo ID to the airport for all adult passengers.


  • If you are checking a bag for your flight, you will need to drop off your bags at the ticket counter whether you checked in online or at the airport.
  • If you did check in online before leaving for the airport, have your boarding pass, and are not checking a bag, you can go directly to the TSA security line without visiting the ticket counter.
  • Allow more time to check in if you are traveling with infants, young children, elderly passengers, people with disabilities, or pets.
  • For those traveling with a service animal, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport now has a Service Animal Relief Area (SARA). The SARA is located across from Gate 6 & 7.


  • If you are picking someone up at the airport, the Cell Phone Waiting Area offers a place to park for free and wait for your passengers to arrive. Your passengers should contact you once they’ve collected their bags and are curbside.
  • When you pick someone up at the terminal, please remember the curbside is for immediate pick-up and drop-off only. Curbside waiting is not allowed. Visit the Parking Ground Transportation page for more details.

Can You Guess These Towns From Their Satellite Photos?

I'm always down for a good brain challenge. This one however got the best of me.
It's always a fun time looking up address or cities and seeing them from a satellite point of view. You start pointing out landmarks and things you recognize.

One thing you don't account for however is something looking bigger or smaller than you seemed to think it was. So we started grabbing a bunch of these satellite pictures of cities and towns around Amarillo.

As we looked at them, we thought to ourselves, "how fun would this be to actually have to GUESS what these places are?". So away we went.

Go ahead and try to see how many you can guess correctly!

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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