A deeply loved and very long-running Lubbock restaurant, Durango's, closed a little over three years ago, to the shock and dismay of many Lubbockites.

Now years later Renee Raven announced back in January that they were opening back up. We got news this week that we are one step closer.

The family-owned and operated business had served the Lubbock community for 17 years with scratch-made Mexican and Tex-Mex favorites.

"Yes" they will have the exact same queso con carne on the menu! Anyone can do a passable queso, but an excellent queso is a rare and beautiful thing.

In fact, all of Durango's signature and favorite menu items will be available, the only difference is that the menu will be somewhat more scaled down than before. But signature items, like their popular and unique entomatadas, will be available. In case you never tried that dish, Ana explained it to me:

Entomatadas are rolled up like enchiladas but the sauce is a tomatoey sauce with bell pepper and onions.

Yum! And yes, they will have their signature Carne Guisada available too.

All the original recipes have been passed down from the original "Mr. Durango" himself to his son (Ana's brother), who is committed to bringing Lubbock back the Durango's they loved.

The signs are officially up at the new location at 4102 34th St (formerly Nora's). That means it is almost time. While we don't have a set opening just yet it should be soon. We will keep you updated on when we know!

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