So, housing costs are going up here in West Texas, and occasionally...desperate times call for desperate measures.

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I see this show pop up on TV every so often, called "Treehouse Masters", where a team of builders create these incredible treehouse designs for people who have wayyyy too much money for their own good. So, they build these Trump Tower-esque structures that are worth more than the average 3 bedroom Lubbock tract home.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Yeah...this is insane.

I pondered the idea of having something similar at the Ballance Ranch, especially if I decide to have a man cave, or ever see the need for alternate accommodations in the event that I do something stupid.

I'm also very law-abiding, and wanted to make sure that there were no legal restrictions against building, or living in a treehouse with on Lubbock city limits. After spending several hours down the internet rabbit hole, we did find something of use.

Turns out, the City of Lubbock has regulations for "accessory buildings", which could be anything from outbuildings to backyard sheds. So, for our intents and purposes, we assume that treehouses will fall under this heading.

The city asserts that any building that is less than 200 square feet, and not connected to services such as power, water, etc. does not need a permit. However, if you want to make it livable, you will need proper permits for plumbing, etc. and there are zoning issues that would need to be addressed. But, can you LIVE in it?

The short answer is: Maybe. If you can get the proper zoning and permits, you might be good. However, there is just one small issue with building that ultimate treehouse in West Texas...

...actually finding a TREE to build one in.  Not a lot of mighty oaks here on the Dust Coast that could hold the weight. But, if you want to give it a shot, knock yourself out there, Johnny Bark.


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