We all hate paying rent. We hate paying bills. Mortgage, car payments, you name it. It all sucks. Unless you're a landlord, then it's pretty cool.

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Some people, however, struggle with the concept of keeping payments low. Because they seem to think that paying rent is just like having someone bring you a soda at a pizza joint.  Spoiler Alert: It's not.

Proof that some people just don't understand this whole rent/landlord dynamic, can be found on Nextdoor.

I had to remind myself, this is someone in Texas, who has the IQ of a handball. Asking how much they should tip their landlord.

Ummm, ZERO?

Seriously, this future identity theft victim thinks that tipping the landlord 15% of their rent is customary, but is considering TWENTY FIVE PERCENT around the holidays?

Let's put this in perspective. If you pay $1000 a month in rent, you're tacking on an additional $150 EVERY MONTH just to be NICE??? Because you think that the property manager is going to put you first in line when your roof leaks?

Yeah, uhhh. No.

Ryan, buddy...your landlord is laughing at you as they get set to head to Ruidoso with your money. All the landlord did, is allow you to live in their house. Nothing more. You DON'T need to give them a tip. You PAY them for the privilege of living there.  Plus, the fact that this person is from Dallas, makes me want to revoke their Texas card. We're smarter than that. At least in West Texas.

On the flipside, I'd love to sit this Ryan person down for a serious heart to heart talk, and introduce them to my cousin, who is a Namibian king who needs their help to transfer $640 Billion out of the country. Just send me your social security number and date of birth, and we'll take care of the rest.


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