If you have been on TikTok for a while, you have likely come across at least one video talking about Chipotle and how their serving sizes seem to have gotten worse over the years.

Whether it’s been blamed on lazy employees, strict managers, or the company skimping on what they are giving out is very much up for debate. As someone that eats there relatively often, I can say that my experience has been hit or miss, but generally positive.

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Due to the heat the company is getting online, some people are claiming that they have a new policy in place to help make themselves look better.

People are claiming that if you have your phone out and look like you might be filming your order being made, they will give you large portions. This seems like a joke to me, but some customers are claiming that it is true from their experience.

On that video explaining this theory, there were a variety of comments supporting it.


On the other hand, there were also comments from alleged Chipotle employees saying that they haven’t directly been told to change the way they are serving, but they have been more lenient on portion sizes as of recently.


I found a video of someone trying it out and the portions looked normal to me. They even said in the caption that they have never had a problem with the portion sizes at that location.

So, I guess you can try this out for yourself and see how it goes, but I can’t confirm whether or not it is legit.

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