Now that Christmas has come and gone, we are left with one last holiday, New Year’s Eve, to celebrate before we welcome 2024.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families, ate delicious food, made some great memories, and enjoyed a small break from everyday chaos. If you are like me, then Christmas is your favorite holiday and you love going all out with special treats, nicely-wrapped gifts, and plenty of festive décor.

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The only struggle of loving Christmas décor so much, is figuring out when the best time is to take it all down.

Some say December 26th is when everything should be put away, while others like to enjoy their holiday festivities into the new year. I will admit, I’ve been guilty of keeping a few decorations up well into the new year on occasion. In fact, I will be doing that this year because I will be hosting a belated Christmas celebration in January with friends that weren’t able to get together this December.

At its core, I think you should simply do what feels right for you. If packing up right after Christmas day is your thing, I respect that just as I respect putting decorations up early or taking them down late.

Overall, I think a general consensus among most people is to keep your decorations up until the new year. I most commonly hear people say they take their holiday décor down on January 1st, so let’s stick with that as an ‘appropriate’ answer.

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