Halloween has finally made it to the Hub City, but so has some untimely winter-like weather.

We’ve had freezing temperatures hit Lubbock over the past few days and it doesn’t plan to let up until well-after many people’s favorite spooky holiday is over. With a relatively mild high of 55 and a brisk low of 28, this Halloween is sure to be an interesting one.

If you plan to start your route before sundown, it shouldn’t be as cold (but still chilly). However, anyone venturing out after dark will definitely want to bundle up well.

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I know it can be hard to get your kids to want to cover up their beloved costume with a bulky coat, but it really is important to do so. The right shoes, a good jacket, some mittens, and even a scarf can help keep your little one warm and comfortable while they walk door to door. You can also throw some hand warmers in their pockets for some added warmth.

If your kid is fussy about wearing anything over their costume, try to match the colors of the costume the best you can with whatever jacket they are wearing. You could also let them know that even their favorite character also gets cold and needs a jacket sometimes. This can help inspire them to be excited about dressing like someone they admire.

For the parents, I think walking around with a hot drink can be a great way to keep your own hands warm as you walk around with your kids.

Overall, stay warm and have fun!

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