Let’s face it, times are tough, grocery prices are high, and many Texans feel the pressure of having to support themselves and their families, and they might take desperate measures to do so. This means a lot of people are stealing from stores.

Now, I never have and never will support stealing in any capacity. I think it is a petty crime that no one should commit. However, I understand why some people get so desperate that they do it.

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Now, let’s take a look at Walmart and what exactly people are stealing from them.

I mentioned that most people steal in order to support themselves and their family, and the trend of what items are most often stolen from Walmart support that with a few exceptions.

From daily necessities to things with resale value, there are a variety of reasons people steal. You can also typically tell what is stolen the most often based on what gets locked up and requires staff assistance to unlock it.

For Example...

A great example I've noticed outside of Walmart, is that Marshalls now locks up their handbags because they were being stolen so frequently. It’s unfortunate that it has to be done, but I understand why businesses are doing it.

Let’s dive into what is being stolen the most frequently from Walmart. There are 8 items total, and as you keep scrolling you will see which items along with the reason each item is targeted so frequently.

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