Spooky season is in full swing with Halloween being less than a month away. However you celebrate Halloween, whether it's with lots of decorations, spooky recipes, or festive outfits, we all remember the excitement of trick or treating as a kid.

That excitement then turns into a passion for giving out great candy that you know kids will love, or providing the most fun experience for your own kids.

I am a big fan of handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and making is an extra fun experience. I set up in the driveway with some friends, spooky decorations, plenty of candy, and this year I'm adding a bean bag toss game that parents and kids can play if they'd like.

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Fortunately my neighborhood is very trick or treater friendly and plenty of houses get involved, but that isn't the case for all areas.

if you live somewhere that trick or treating isn't easy, you can always travel to another area and have your fun there. If you aren't sure what neighborhoods are the best best, I have a list for you to help make your Halloween plans.

These are 10 of the best Lubbock neighborhoods for trick or treating. They were selected based on word of mouth, as well as the trick or treating map available on nextdoor.com.

Keep scrolling to see what neighborhoods made the cut.

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