Why are you so tired living here in Texas? Why do you look forward to that great night of sleep in Lone State State? Why do always think the best place to be is the comfort of your own bed?

Well, in a newly-released study  by MattressNextDay they researched the sleeping habits of Americans state by state and placed Texas at number five in the U.S. for quality sleep. So, don't feel bad you are a part of an elite group of sleepers here in Texas.

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The research was pretty detailed to as a lot of things were evaluated.  Here's the breakdown from MattressNextDay...

"Through desk research, we were able to analyze health data concerning the appropriate amount of exercise, sleep, and mental health. This data was then ranked to uncover which states might be experiencing the best quality of sleep. Google search data was collected across 30 terms related to sleep hygiene, aiming to identify which states are most attentive to their bedtime routines. The data was indexed to determine the rankings..."

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Here's some more Texas finds according to the survey...

As Texas Ranks 5th Across the Nation, the data also found:

Searches per Month for Sleep Hygiene Terms: 2nd
Adults Sleeping Less than 7 Hours: 31st
Residents Doing Correct Exercise: 17th
Residents Not Engaging in Physical Exercise: 34th

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Also the survey found out in general...

 68% of Americans watch TV before sleeping, and 21% feel consistently tired in the morning despite a seemingly good night's rest. 

In case you were wondering here's the breakdown of the top ten...
1.  California
2.  Florida
3.  Colorado
4.  Washington
5.  Texas
6.  Maryland
7.  New York
8.  Minnesota
9.  Hawaii
10. Connecticut

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