If you are a part of any fandom, you know how intense people’s passion for it can get. We’ve all seen crazy anime fans, band lovers, and sports fanatics, but what about fast-food?

We often see people supporting their favorite fast-food joint by eating there regularly, but sometimes things go even further. T-shirts are fairly common, and even hats, but what about tote bags, watches, and shoes?

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Chick-fil-A understood their customer's passion for their food, and decided to make a whole line of merch that includes tote bags, hats, shirts, water bottles, pins, watches, and shoes. Each item has seven different color variations based on the seven Chick-fil-A's sauces.

The sauces and colors for the bags include Chick-fil-A Sauce (white and red), Garden Herb Ranch (blue), Honey Mustard (yellow), Polynesian Sauce (purple), Sweet and Spicy Sriracha (green), Zesty Buffalo (orange), and Barbeque (red).

People are going crazy for these tote bags online, wanting to sport their favorite sauce in style.

The description of these bags also states that they can hold up to 432 sauce packets total, or just 10 in the liner pocket. Honestly, it looks like it would make for a pretty good pool or beach bag with the size and material.

The seven sauces previously mentioned also take over the entire merch collection with seven variations of each item. They all include the specific color related to the sauce, as well as a label that looks like the sauce containers found in-store.

I think selling merch like this is a great idea because it makes your customers a walking advertisement. It could be quite successful for more brands if they also implemented something similar.

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