Despite still being a few months away from October, Spooky Season has already started in the Hub City.

You know Halloween is upon us when the stores are stocked with jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and black cats. Another tell-tale sign is the addition of specialty Halloween stores scattered around the town in various empty buildings.

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One of the most iconic Halloween stores is Spirit. Started in 1983, the company now has over 1,400 locations that pop up seasonally around North America. A few of those locations are regularly found in Lubbock, Texas.

Despite Spirit Halloween’s plan to not open their stores until after July 24th this year, you can already spot their banners in at least two locations around Lubbock. One is at the South Plains Mall, the other is close by, at Slide and 50th.

Despite how far away Halloween is right now, that doesn’t stop true spooky season fans from getting started early. For some, the spook isn’t seasonal, it’s a lifestyle. And honestly, I respect that. If you want your home to be decked out in spider webs, ghouls, and witches’ hats all year long, who am I to stop you? Everyone has their style, and I don’t think others should judge.

If you really can’t wait to shop for Halloween goodies, we know that At Home already has an aisle with spooky goods. You can also always order online or wait just a few more weeks for other shops around Lubbock to start stocking up.

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