During one of my regular ventures to Sonic, I noticed something new on their app.

(Pro tip: I always use the app to get drinks because they are half off on there)

They were promoting a new menu option to make any drink ‘Dirty’. Yes, you read that right. They now have the option to get a ‘dirty drink’ whenever you order.

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What is a ‘Dirty Drink’?

While the idea of making a drink dirty seems odd at first, it is a relatively common practice. Sonic has simply put a name to it now.

Making your drink dirty means that they add cream, lime, and coconut to your drink. If you’ve never experienced adding these things to a Coke, Dr Pepper, or Fanta, you are missing out. It elevates the drink in a way that is almost addictive.

Just like how you add fun creamers or syrups to your coffee, you can do the same to your soda.

Is it actually good?

I am a big fan of adding things to sodas to make them extra tasty, so I will say that I find it delicious. It adds the slightest umf with creaminess, the smooth coconut flavor, and a kick of tart lime.

You know most people enjoy this type of thing because even Coffee Mate recently released a creamer specifically made to go with Dr Pepper. If you like soda, you are bound to like it dirty too. Unless you have a vendetta against cream, coconut, or lime...

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