Spring is tornado season in Texas, and it can be a scary time, especially if a tornado touches down near where you live.

In true Texas fashion, whenever there is a tornado warning, many of us head outside to see if we can catch a glimpse before heading in for shelter if it’s needed. While many tornados are relatively fast moving, so taking shelter is the best thing to do to ensure your safety, it isn’t always the case.

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A tornado near Abilene, Texas touched down on May 2, 2024 and stood completely still for about 20 minutes.

There was a great video taken of the storm, showing just how static it was.

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While most of the time they say a tornado that looks like it’s standing still is actually coming right for you, this wasn’t the case.

I don’t know what that one spot did to piss off the weather, but it sure was shown who’s boss with a 20-minute whirlwind.

Fortunately, no one seems to have been hurt during this storm but there was damage done to multiple homes and vehicles in the area. There were also reports of up to baseball-sized hail.

I'm glad no one was severely hurt, but it is always sad to know that homes were destroyed. I wish the best for all of the people impacted by this storm.

Let this also be a reminder to be prepared for severe weather and have a plan in place in case a tornado makes it’s way through your town.

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