As we have all heard plenty of times before, “Texans don’t know how to drive.” Whether they speed along country roads, cut you off on the freeway, or cause any other sort of chaos on the road, there are plenty of ways someone can be considered a bad driver.

Whether it is a lack of knowledge, a lack of care, or someone has simply forgotten the ways of the road, we are all fed up with hazardous drivers.

This has led to a common debate regarding how often or when people should have to re-take their driving test. Some give yearly increments, some say it should be based on age, either way, not everyone is happy about it.

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Too old to drive?

One of the most common suggestions is to require people over retirement age to have to retake their drivers test every year. That is due to the large number of elderly people on the road that seem to be struggling with controlling their vehicle.

Whether it’s due to a loss of vision, hearing, or motor control, there are plenty of reasons why retesting could be beneficial for senior folks to stay safe on the road and keep others safe as well.

Refresh your memory...

Another suggestion is that everyone, no matter their age, should have to retake their drivers' test every 10 years. This ensures everyone is up to date on traffic laws, can’t ‘forget’ anything, and has to maintain some level of safety to continue driving.

Obviously, this is a hot debate, and I doubt anything will be done about it because it is something very few people would actually want, even though it is something many people actually need.

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