The internet has the power to take something low key and make it huge with a viral post. It is often done with certain products like home goods, food, and drinks.

We’ve seen it with the controversial ‘flavored water’, the sweet and tangy fruit roll up pickles, and more. Well, the newest hit actually combines a bit of both of those other trends.

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Apparently, some people have been secretly putting pickles in their Dr Pepper.

Yes, you read that right. Someone shared that they add pickles to their Dr Pepper and now it is blowing up. Apparently, it is relatively normal in some areas, but most people are absolutely taken aback by the concept.

Now, I've heard of pickle lemonade and or course pickle-based cocktails, but I’d never thought to add it to Dr Pepper.

After watching a variety of videos, some people hate it and others love it. With Dr Pepper already being a pretty polarizing drink, I think it makes sense to not be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you live in Lubbock and want to try this out for yourself, I thought of a few places you can get yourself a pickle Dr Pepper.

The first is Sonic. I’m pretty sure this is where the trend originated as well, but don’t quote me on that.

Next up is ThirsTeas. They are fans of pickles there, even offering pickle lemonade. But you can also get a Dr Pepper and add pickle slices among other topping options like cherries and lemon.

The new Dusty Coast Soda Co. Caught onto this trend and added the Dr Pickle to their menu as well as a pickle lemonade.

Lastly, you can make your own at Twisted Root Burger with their wide variety of pickle options.

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