Recently I went to Austin for a little bit of rest and relaxation while also spending time with some family. One thing I noticed as we entered Austin was the driver's and honestly these driver's surprised me in more good ways than as opposed to Dallas and San Antonio driver's.

The drivers in Austin are somewhat aggressive just like in San Antonio but are fast like the drivers in Dallas. This makes for a fast commute with driver's that think ahead of where they are going and with guts. I would say that Austin drivers now are what Lubbock driver's will be in 10 years after all the construction is done and new construction has begun.

The only thing that I can say is if you are driving in Austin then good luck finding a parking spot. It is almost impossible to find a free parking spot without some sort of anxiety of being towed or at least getting a ticket. So Lubbock driver's while Austin has fast and bold drivers they usually have no where to park which means there is another win for the Hub City. While I did have to do a lot of walking in Austin, which was great for my health, it did get annoying later on in the day.

Maybe Lubbock should take a few notes from Austin and have more bicycle carts that drive around giving people rides to their destinations. Yes, that's right you can get anywhere in Austin by ditching your car and getting on a bike, the back of someone else's bike, scooter, or ride sharing.

So while driving your own car is a bit difficult in Austin, getting in someone else's vehicle is very popular and I even got into the habit of Ubering around town by the end of my trip. While I enjoyed Austin driver's there are no driver's like those in Lubbock because of how punctual almost everyone is, the vast free parking spaces, and there's really no place like home.

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