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A locally owned franchise of 1000 Degrees Pizza has made the difficult decision to close permanently. Their last day in operation will be February 28th, 2023.

It is the location at 3711 19th. The 11804 Indiana location is owned by a different local franchisee and is safe- for now. It is a difficult time for small business owners because of astronomical food costs.

According to a post made by a family member in the LBK Foodies group on Facebook, the family wanted to thank all the businesses, organizations, and regulars that supported them and had a very earnest parting "thank you":

We knew you by name, by face, and often by what you regularly ordered! We shared many stories, laughs, tears and prayers. For this and more, we truly thank you all!
Come on by, sell us out and say goodbye to our fun crew!
Personally, I have a very bittersweet memory of eating at this location of 1000 Degree Pizza. I had spent hours outside a very COVID-locked-down hospital after a family member was discovered to have aggressive cancer. It was a windy, nasty day and I hadn't eaten in a long time.
My family was almost literally blown into 1000 Degrees by chance, and the people working there were exceptionally kind and caring to us. We never said anything, but it was like they knew, and their manner was comforting. It ended up being the last meal I had with one of those family members before they passed.
I hope this family's future endeavors find them successful, happy, and joyful. They deserve it.

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