Thanksgiving is over and that means a few things like food, shopping, and family. Whatever holiday you celebrate during December most born in the late 90's and early 2000's remember watching television and seeing the black Friday chaos the day after Thanksgiving.

For those that are too young to remember those days, or were not yet born, black Friday was an all out war. This is back in the days of when you had to save your texts for 9 p.m. and internet shopping was difficult, or so I've been told. I was a kid myself. I remember watching the news and seeing people in mass numbers waiting to get into stores so they could get the best deals on televisions, DVD players (don't ask), fridges, and the toy that every kid needed.

Some of these deals were so amazing that you had to be crazy to not go out and try to get a great deal. The thing is that a lot of people would get hurt to the point that I remember in 2008 a Walmart employee passed away during black Friday. It was very dangerous. It does seem that the internet has made some changes to how people go about black Friday. It seems that internet shopping is the new thing and people don't want to risk their necks for a new t.v. when they can just order it on Cyber Monday. Some people are now claiming that black Friday is not real because no one really goes out and fights a grandma for a sweater anymore because now it's too easy to save big.

We will never have those insane crazy black Friday crowds it seems but that's ok because we just need to pull out our phone or computer and make life simpler, and safer. I'm personally in favor of black Friday not being such a big deal like before because safety is important. Do you think the internet has ruined the old black Friday or has it made everything easier and safer when it comes to holiday shopping. Let us know.

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