Texas has been seeing many severe storms across the state over the past few weeks. From tornados, hail, and extreme winds, there has been a lot of damage done and even lives lost.

Living in the digital age, it is almost a guarantee that these cases of severe weather will be documented and posted online in some way. This means that even people that weren’t present during the incident can still experience it in their own way.

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A recent case of this is with a hailstorm that hit North Texas.

During hailstorms, most people assume they will be safe indoors, but this video posted online seems to contradict that. During the storm, many Hurst residents took to their local Walmart, either because it was close by or because they happened to be there already.

While most people’s biggest concern in that moment is likely the damage the hail may cause to their vehicle, little did these Texans know that the hail would be making its way into the Walmart as well.

The video shows that the hail apparently broke through the Hurst Walmart’s roof, causing the chunks of ice to come showering down inside of the building.

Some sheltered themselves with whatever they had on hand, avoiding getting hit by the falling hail, while others seemed to continue, seemingly unfazed by the storm that made its way indoors.

Thankfully it appears that everyone is okay, but it must have been a chocking experience, and I am glad we got to see a glimpse of it via the video shared online.

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