As someone that enjoys a tasty drink but doesn’t always want soda or coffee, I typically go for tea. While I am fond of going to local tea shops to get my fix, sometimes it’s more convenient to just pick up a bottle at the store.

While I typically reach for Arizona tea due to the affordable price tag, sometimes brands like Gold Peak, Pure Leaf, and Honest Tea hit the spot. However, if your go-to is Honest Tea, I have some bad news. As of last year, that line of tea has been discontinued.

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Honest Tea is owned by Coca-Cola, and due to a lack of profitability, they decided to stop producing the tea at the end of 2022. However, their Honest Kids juices will remain for sale, as well as their other tea brands, Gold Peak, and Peace Tea.

So, if you noticed Honest Tea slowly disappearing from the shelves and not being restocked, that is why.

However, for all the honest Tea lovers that will miss the brand, you will be happy to know that the creators of Honest Tea, Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff started a new tea brand called Just Ice Tea. The key values of Honest Tea remain intact with organic and both unsweet and lightly sweetened products. They will have a new look with glass bottles and very minimalistic, clean-looking labels.

For more information about this new tea, you can visit the company’s official website. You can also visit the official Honest website to see that they no longer list their tea as a product.

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