If you are an avid reader, you know how expensive books can get. That is one of the reasons people end up reading books online because digital copies are often less expensive than physical ones. However, if you tend to plow through multiple books a month, the price still adds up.

If this is something to struggle with, mark your calendar for June 30th, 2023.

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June 30th is Stuff Your Kindle Day, where you can download thousands of free books on your favorite e-reader via Amazon. This included the Kindle app on your phone, computer, or tablet, Kindle readers, and more.

If you currently use Kindle Unlimited to ‘borrow’ books at a cheaper price, you can still participate in Stuff You Kindle Day by downloading and actually owning the books you love for FREE. This means that even if you end your Kindle Unlimited subscription, the books will still be in your library.

This deal is not available for every book on Amazon, but many are, mostly romance novels. Some of the genres that will be available include Young Adult, Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance, New Adult, Chick Lit, Erotic Romance, and more. This source has a great list of books that will be available if you want to start planning your list of downloads.

If you are the type to prefer physical books over digital copies, unfortunately this sale isn’t for you. However, I think you might as well participate because they are free books... Then, if you really like them, you can buy the physical copy to stock your library later.

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