We are heading into that time of year where the hot weather mingles with the cold weather and storms spread over the Texas sky.  

These storms bring rainy days and slick roads, which can lead to road hazards and accidents. Due to the fact that it doesn’t rain very often in the Lone Star State, many drivers don’t remember to slow down and drive with caution to avoid hydroplaning.  

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For motorcyclists, these conditions can be even more frightening not only due to them losing some of their traction due to being so light, and only driving on two wheels on wet pavement, but because they don’t know if the cars driving around them will be cautious or not.  

Many drivers already have a hard time sharing the road with motorcyclists even in the best driving conditions. So, I think the concept of ‘adopting a rider’ can be a great tool for drivers that want to help keep those on bikes safer.  

What is ‘Adopt a Rider’? 

Adopting a rider is when you drive behind someone riding a motorcycle, keeping a safe distance, and helping to ensure they have the safest ride possible. You don’t have to follow them during their whole journey, but if they happen to be heading the same way as you for a while, you can try this. 

So, if you spot a motorcycle going particularly slow on the freeway, or another major road, ensuring no other cars will tailgate them and put them at risk can be very helpful.

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